December 4th, 2008


Truthfully, I am not sure if this works or not since this my first time doing this.
I recently found a video of subaru, maru and yasu and ohkura playing with this song.
Its called ONE and I can't find it anywhere. I guess it would be SubaruBAND ONE, maybe. I would like the song, so hopefully someone can help me. ARIGATOU!
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Layout: K8 in Colors

Scans are by me. Brushes used are by yunhe.

This layout took me a total of five hours to make. From the header all the way down to coding. The header took an hour, I actually made one version and scrapped it for the one in this layout. The coding took four hours because this is the first time I ever actually tried to alter flexible squares to fit the layout's image.

It was a paaaain in the ass, trust me. XD

( Click here to grab the code for your journal :D! )
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Ohkura's Stage Report from POPOLO

translations to Ohkura's stage report from January 2009 POPOLO can be found here. I'm in the midst of translating the other articles from POPOLO as well but I can't promise when they'll be done as some stuff have cropped up and will be keeping me busy for awhile. 
Scans were kindly contributed by usagil00lchan 

There's a short snippet where he explains what his solo "Last Tears" (for translations of this song, click here) is about. Yup hope you enjoy it. :)