December 23rd, 2008


Musekinin Hero Piano Version, Chord, Eden, and Fuka-fuka Acoustic Band

The unknownth release of hachi and the band.

First, the piano version of musekinin hero,

Want to play Musekinin Hero also? Here is the chord of the hyper energic song.

And finally Hachi and the Band can practice in full team! So here we present our first practice of Fuka-fuka Love the Earth Acoustic Band version and 2nd practice of Eden Acoustic Band Version.

Hachi and the Band
Reddo as vocal 1
Buruu as vocal 2
Guriin as melody guitar
Burakku as rhythm guitar
Nasu as piano
Iero as percussion
Orenji as bongo


[Request] Which show?

Sorry for bothering...and if i made this post in the wrong way, please delete it!!
So....I found out this gif...

Oh my, i really wanted to know from which show it was taken, so i'm here to ask you!
I'm really curious to see Yoko's reaction XD
If you can help me i'll be really grateful!!!!

Thanks a lot anyway!!!!