January 9th, 2009

Winter Dorama Promotional Schedule

Both MARU & OHKURA will be on Dosupe 2, TV Asahi's promotional variety show for January dorama, on Jan 10th!


24:30 - 25:25



It looks like Ohkura were also in a lot of morning shows to promote Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009, and I hope that Maru will appear in a lot of the shows too next week when Uta no Oniisan airs!

For Ohkura:

Jan 9 - Yajiuma Plus
Jan 9 - Super Morning
Jan 9 - Wide! Scramble

yunho ♪

friends only banner

I made 24 friends only banner!
I hope you like it :)


{1} akame

{2} aragaki yui

{2} arashi

{1} haruka ayase

{1} hey! say! jump

{1} horikita maki

{1} jin akanishi

{3} kanjani 8

{2} kazuya kamenashi

{1} koichi domoto

{1} L

{1} mao inoue

{1} matsumoto jun

{1} ohkura tadayoshi

{2} ryo nishikido

{1} sakurai sho

{1} tatsuya ueda

{1} yamada ryosuke


here @ okimiyage 

*will be f-locked within a week

serious jun

Duet February 2009 Scans [HQ]

Hi everyone!
I know it's been done already but I scanned Kanjani 8's spread in the February issue of Duet. I think the scans are pretty HQ (at least that's what people tell me ^__^)
Grab them here!

Feel free to browse my journal for other scans....i'm in the process of organizing so sorry for the messiness xD


i'm looking for a fanfic that had kanjani8's yokoyama yu in it.

it was about leah and yokoyama yu and i think it was also about a kattun member?

i remember seeing it advertised here a long time ago...

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