January 10th, 2009


Murakami denies relationship with Toda

Murakami Shingo had a open to media, public rehearsal of his solo stageplay "If or", and when asked regarding his relationship with Toda Erika, he denied and ended off saying "Please leave us alone"

With the theme "If" in mind, Murakami would carry out this stageplay through various skit and acting. He thought of the concept and ideas by himself, and some of the things he would do includes pretending to be sempai group ARASHI, a history teacher, reggae singer, and not only restricting to guys, there was also a image video of him in a B I K I N I modeled after
Kawamura Yukie 

Regarding the tabloid about him with Toda, he insisted that they are just good friends and "we haven't met or took contact since the beginning of the year. Oh maybe at most a Happy New Year greeting, I suppose?"and regarding his reaction towards his first ever tabloid, he said "I initall thought "WOW IM A CELEBRITY" "

And despite admiting that they did spend a couple of hours in the same house together, he said "all we did was to talk, like about Nishikido and stuff" and regarding the report about them spending the night together, he claimed that "we didn't stay over together"

Source: Oricon Style


Now I really look forward to watching it <3 
Just curious but, anyone else going as well :D 
I would be watching the 2/2's show @ Osaka ^^
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Fanfic: Two less lonely people in the world 1/?

Title: Two less lonely people in the world
Pairing: Ueda x Uchi (Implied RyoDa and RyoUchi)
Summary: Loneliness brings you close to people whom you never thought you’ll end up with
Authors Note: Who knew I would be writing this? But anyway yeah, can’t resist the urge to write them haahahahah so well enjoy reading! * I think I need a new tag for this XD*

He left two people heart broken, he left two lonely people