January 26th, 2009


newbie, hina+ryuchan wallies...

Hajimemashite, minna!
Ryan desu!
I'm new at this community, so... yoroshiku ne!!!

because today is the 26th, so I want to say, too:

Wish you all the best with Eito!!!!! Eito_mama!! XD

I intended to make a lot of Shingo Wallies but I couldn't... didn't have enuf time XDDD and I also made Ryuchan wallie to celebrate his dorama with Satoshi-kun XDD

check it out in MY LJ...
Ryan deshita~
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Help needed! Shotas stageplay! ♥

Hi there!

we're 2
German girls (kusano_sayuri and me)
who will be in Japan from 6.april to 17.april and
we’d really ,really like to attend Yasuda Shota's stageplay,
so we were wondering if is there might someone out there who
can give us a clue of the steps to take to get tickets and such?
This will probably be our once-in-a-lifetime-chance to see him live!

Any help would be awesome. thank you so much*bows deeply*

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