February 4th, 2009



Hi everyone ^.^

I was wondering if i could get a brief summary of the eitotv, series
i know j3kansai only

but lately it's been can!jani ^^

and i just want like when it started and everything about them ^_^
like those tags and whatnot
Ohyass - Fight <3

Help please...

Hi ^^/

I need help tracking down something I swear I saw the other day and can't for the life of me find again. It was a download for a K8 show (god knows which one) with the pet store?? Yoko and a puppy, Maru getting bitten by a lizard, Ohkura failing over anything that moves???? Can anyone please help?? It's driving me crazy not being able to find it...

Thanks :)


Request for a dorama

i'm desperately searching for downloads to the 50episodes of [J家の反乱] which was shown in 1999.
casts include Tsubasa, Ryo, Shingo, Shota, Maru , Yuki??
anyway.. i saw it on some streaming sites, but i really want to keep it o(+____=  '')o
pls tell me if u know where to get it , or upload it if u have it?!

(i've only seen it with chinese subs out there, i don't mind either, and i'm thinking of subbing it to eng if i get my hands on it, so plsss !)

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[Translation] Kagotsurube Pia article

I have translated another article (this one a bit longer than the previous one) on the Kagotsurube press conference. You can read it here. I have also posted some pictures of the flyers for this butai........... WHICH ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Also, J-web has posted the first half of their take on the Kagotsurube press conference. They haven't updated the 2nd half yet, but once they do, I am planning on translating that report as well so please check back in a few more days :-)

☆ 仁 { eating }

[multi-chap] At the rainbow's end Chapter 01

Title: At the rainbow's end
Author: ikujinashi & kamen7th
Genre: Drama
Rating: G
Disclaimer: We own the story, unfortunately not the guys or the girls. Do not steal, it is not appreciated~♥
Main characters: Nishikido family & Ryo's friends
Summary: From the outside the Nishikido family is everything a respectable family should be. Nishikido Tadashi is the president of Higashi Bank, his beautiful wife Fumina famous amongst housewives as a journalist and their son and heir to his father's bank, Nishikido Ryo is grossly popular at school and a teen with excellent grades.
Inside the walls of the family estate however lurks a homemade hell, a pit filled with so many dark secrets and feelings it's a miracle it can at all be contained within its prestigious box. There's a second son, an unwanted child who's existence is trampled on when not ignored until one day Ryo steps across the forbidden border of fate and realises that there actually is more to life than his previous plastic existence.

( O-o-onii-oniis-sa-sama... )