February 20th, 2009

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[Fic] Yume?

Title: Yume?
Rating: NC-15
Pairing: Yoko/Pi [Yokoyama Yuu/Yamashita Tomohisa - I know this is a weird pairing,blame syeefa  for implanting it in my head]
Genre: smut [not really], angst [if you squint...]
Summary: Yoko and the rest of eito was force by ryo to watch through the whole NEWS dvd to understand how NEWS work, and it won't affect him in Eito...or something along the line...he didn't really think about it...but when he comes home...
A/N: will be friend-lock in 49 hours
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Some icons

Icon post with all the icons I’ve made so far. I thought I should share it with the community, just in case (since more than 50% of my icons are Kanjani8 related, I wonder why…). :)


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Icons Here

Credits and comments are love ♥
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