February 26th, 2009

sleeping reita

[Fic] Slow Passion

Title: Slow Passion
Rating: NC-17
subaru/pi [yes your eyes not lying to you! It's shibutani subaru and yamashita tomohisa, another weird pair...well it's me, lol]
Genre: smut
Summary: a relationship that no one knows, not even their friends nor family, it slowly blooming, so slow in their passion...so slow that no one could catch through it...[oh and the scene is in a bathroom...i kinda have bathroom fetish...lol]
A/N: well you guys might wonder why subaru, well let say my sempai *coughbakanisyeefacough* she always give WEIRD ideas. This is one of her idea...she said "now you make me subaru and pi!"...I was like "huh?" but then the scene just pop in my head and i can't get it out! So hope you enjoy ^^
oh and friend lock in 49 hours ^^ locked! (friends to read )

Kanjani8 New Album, Release 4/15

YokoHina just announced on Recomen,


Kanjani 8 New Album [PUZZLE] will be released on 4/15

Their special gift for the album is ... a puzzle.

And for Vers A (first press limited edition), there will be individual UNIT PVs.
For Regular Edition would come with 7 solo songs.

There are units amongst the member (which they did using scissors paper stone, during MSSP) 

Unit 1: Murakami + Maruyama
Unit 2: Yokoyama + Yasuda (Unit song: Lyrics by Yoko, Song & Arrangement by Yasu)
Unit 3: Subaru + Ohkura + Nishikido