March 2nd, 2009


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Hi everyone 8)

So, I made a Kanjani 8 pimposts or whatever you might call it.
I made it for the people I (or you) know who is yet to be salvated by the wonders of whatever kanjani might be doing. And seeing that it can be quite the pain to tell your friends about who the mysterious Kanjani 8 is, I thought I'd post it here to keep it handy for everyone who wants to show them this.

Read it, rage at it, comment it and tell your friends! Kanjani is here ♥

Ryo caused a car accident

It is reported that Ryo caused a car accident yesterday, March 1, 2009.
One person received a minor injury. Ryo is unhurt.
The police is going to send the case to the public prosecutor's office for possible violation of the traffic law.

*more details from the following news reports*

Ryo caused a pileup involving 3 cars on the Tokyo freeway on March 1.
According to the police, when he was driving alone around 3:45pm, Ryo did not look ahead carefully and his car rear-ended another car caught in a traffic jam. A 60 years old woman driving the rear-ended car has received a minor injury.  Ryo is unhurt. The police is preparing to send the case to prosecutors for injury by negligence.