March 3rd, 2009

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

The Morning News Reports... for Ryo's driving (in)ability.


I decided to watch the morning news to see how it was being talked about. Amazingly enough it is not the top news of the day and for some reason I have an urge to type news as NEWS. Anyway the only amusing thing about all of this, besides Ryo's inability to drive (and the crazy wombat raging around tokyo report after ryo's story), is the fact that its reported as " Popular Idol Group NEWS' Nishikido Ryo blahblahblah ", K8 is not mentioned again though this is probably a good thing

I ripped the reports that have aired so far, you can see them under the cut

Collapse )

I upped these to megavideo cause Youtube is a douchebag, I'll add more to the post as they appear That's it for the morning reports, they ended up repeating themselves throughout the morning hours. TBS didn't bother to report it on their morning shows. I think you can also download the video if you have an account. The public apology hasn't been aired yet though...

I tried to translate the Sanspo Sports article at my translation journal which is what all the news reports are reading off of
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Ryo Article in Sankei Sports

Just bought the "Sansupo" (sankei sports) newspaper at the convenience store.
Second page from the back had a big section on Ryo's driving accident. Basically the same details as we've all found out (about the incident I mean) as well as a profile of Ryo, a section on how Ryo is a popular performer, a small table showing other famous Japanese stars who have had car accidents recently, and another small article about other members of NEWS (Uchi & Kusano) who have gotten in trouble with the law.

Unfortunately I am at school and don't have access to a scanner so I could only take a bad photo with my phone >.<

Anyway, personally Im glad its nothing toooo major. Of course Johnny's has banned Ryo from driving for 6 months, but he wasn't banned from his work in any way, and he wasn't injured. Its unfortunate about the lady who was injured though. Lets hope Ryo chan is more careful from now on :)

Some Kansha ni EITO EP & KJ1 F·T·O Questions

I'm currently in the midst of listening to the guys's previous & older album material & I must say that they really surprised me in that their album tracks are nothing on what I expected .

I thought it might be the same as their singles which're more or less crazy & sane hits haha but guess not .

So anyway I have a few questions with regards to their Kansha ni EITO EP & KJ1 F·T·O albums & I appericate if you guys can help me .

For Kansha ni EITO EP :

Is this the last album to feature Uchi , vocals wise or is it KJ1 F·T·O ?

For KJ1 F·T·O :

Is there any solo tracks in KJ1 F·T·O ? I kinda have a nagging feeling for ONE because I only can hear Subaru's vocals on there (or so I think) & is Osaka Rainy Blues re-recorded without Uchi's vocals ?

Thanks & sorry for being so super curious over Eito but I suppose it's for a good cause that I finally decided to listen to them after being so apprehensive in listening to their music for the longest time .

Selling Uchi solo concert tickets

I'm selling 2 tickets to Uchi's solo concert for this Sunday, March 8th at Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo at 5pm. They are You+J fanclub tickets. I'm selling the pair for 12,000yen (6,000yen each, which is face value). If you are interested please e-mail me at sourangel-at-gmail-dot-com.