March 6th, 2009


Yes it's a layout contest!!!

Dear Eighters,

With spring on the horizon, Puzzle being announced, and K8's latest calendar, we have decided to celebrate the occasion by announcing a layout contest for the community!

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Submissions are NOT allowed in this post, only questions if you have any. Once you have a layout submission ready then please wait for our official submission post for you to submit your entry.

The deadline for layout submissions is MARCH 27, 2009. Once the submission post is up you can submit up until the official deadline.

And in other Eden news, nira_chan has been working on a new tag system for the community and will show the community a new list of tags in a week or so to see if they are okay. She's very sorry that she hasn't changed the tags yet but real life has made her a bit busy lately.

kipani_mariko has been developing a memories system for the community to expand upon the tags. The link is here, but the memories are still being worked on currently.

Because of the new memories feature, we would prefer to have a layout that includes Memories on the top of the community. We would like a layout that can accommodate this, but if it is not possible, then Memories will be listed in a link on the sidebar as it is currently.

Thanks for all of your help and suggestions, and after this layout contest, please look forward for a community profile design contest in the near future!

Once again, the layout submission deadline is MARCH 27, 2009. Thanks again!

-nira_chan and kipani_mariko

Request - Bigger Covers Of Kansha ni Eight EP , KJ1 F·T·O & KJ2 Zukkoke Daidassou

I have a music blog (  & yes I reviewed Eito's stuff :D) & I'm wondering if someone can be so kind to upload bigger covers for their previous albums in the form of Kansha ni Eight EP , KJ1 F·T·O & KJ2 Zukkoke Daidassou .

I would like all the different editions's covers if possible as I will be reviewing their previous albums in due time as I'm still in the midst of listening to all 3 & I need their album covers .

Thanks :D