March 7th, 2009


this is the first time i am asking here at the community. hope you could help me m(-___-)m

i have decided to make an Okura Tadayoshi media pimp post since i haven't seen one and i am currently working on it.

this is insane. i am halfway done with Tacchon's media pimp post (i think) but it feels like there's A LOT more stage shows, songs etc etc related to Okura. O_____O
i've tried searching on communities but i'm not satisfied and not really sure about whether i am searching for the correct details.

can anyone help me with this? please?

i am so lost with all of his stage plays, dream boys etc.
can you help by telling me the list of his stage plays? and the year?
i am really confused on such details.

and where was his october solo con held? was that the only solo con he had?
oh god, i fail at being a fan.
and sorry for asking too much.


Kanjani 8 Calendar bonus postcards

Seriously, the calendar is so amazing, I laughed so much flipping through it and I loved it so much I am running out to buy one more copy just for keep sake tomorrow XD 

Took photos of the bonus postcards that came with the calendar ^^


This postcard set alone is worth the price of the calendar.

However I am sorry that I dont have a scanner and these are taken with my digital camera, thus the quality is bleah.
But really, you should buy this because photos do not do it justice. AT ALL.



poll for school

hey guys!
if it is ok, i want you to do a poll for me. i have to do a school presentation with a friend and we compare japanese music with german music.
please write a comment, where you answer the questions!

hope you have time and help me!

thank you very much!

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