March 13th, 2009

Sho_with extra Hair Gel

Kanjani8 is still too crazie for me... wah haa.. huh?!

my friend and i started the johnny's adventure through Arashi, then i started going up from Arashi to their senpai, V6 Love~ Kinki rabu-rabu~ Tokio~~~~~~~ riidaa saikou!

KAT-TUN WHO!!??? -_-

then my friend came to liking, more like total fan of K8... i don't get it.. i still don't, HELEN!!!

finally K8 came out of the box totally selling off the charts,
yet i still don't GET IT!!...

i still don't get why i thought this shingo look is sooo hot...

"ehh? you're a johnny's!!?"

a member of ushi-FOOOOOOUr~!!

this tomodachi of a tomodachi of the tomodachi that bought the hat for the tomodachi is the SAME age as ME!?!

the cutest rabbit..

i don't get how he can be so charmingly-sweet at times..

K8 brings Chaos at all occasions!!

I still don't get them, but i was kinda addicted to the shows where their were invited to..(^^*)

..guilty as charged~


*caps credit to video subbed by BNS fansub and newshfan
Sobu love <3

Yoko in a new drama!

Yoko was listed in Sports Hochi to be in the new drama "Za Quiz Show Golden" starring Sakurai Sho! It will air on NTV starting April 18th, Saturdays at 9pm.

Sho will be the main MC to expose the dark pasts of the contestants, and Yoko will be playing the director of the show, Honma Toshio, who is Kamiyama (Sho)'s childhood friend and holds him under house arrest. Here explains the premise of the previous "Quiz Show" aired last summer.

Congrats to Yoko!!!

Sponichi Thanks to shounenarisu for finding this one <3

enshinge was so kind as to translate the articles here. THANKS EN-CHAN <3<3<3<3

Tokyograph article (translation of Sponichi article)

21:00 -





[Mod Post] Layout contest submission post

Dear Eighters,

Sorry for the little delay but here we have the LAYOUT CONTEST SUBMISSION POST! :D

Please post your entries in the comments here (comments will be screened). I'll write the rules again under the cut.

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And I remind you again that the contest deadline is March 27th, 2009 so you can post now up until then :)

Also, another little request from us mods is that please remember to tag your entries. And about the tags, I (nira_chan ) will probably change the tags on Sunday so stay tunned and please tell me what you think about the new list then :)

We are looking forward seeing your entries!

- nira_chan and kipani_mariko