March 29th, 2009


Eito to have new weekly section in Asahi Shimbun

 According to the You & J email I got yesterday, Kanjani 8 will have a weekly feature in the Asahi Shimbun (newspaper) evening paper! 
It will be titled "関ジャニ8の七人七色" ("Kanjani 8's Seven people, Seven personalities"... this is a play on the saying 十人十色 "juunin toiro" which means "each to his own", "ten people, ten personalities" etc) 
They will feature in the Kansai edition on Wednesdays, and the Kanto & Nagoya editions on Fridays!, starting from this coming week!

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Ryouchi Love

Hai, minna-san. It's my first time to post here and i have some ryouchi wallies, hope you like it, i'm sorry if it's not good enough.
Here it goes...

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Hello minna

i really want to go to K8's concert this spring, is there anyone here that belong to the fanclub and would not mind helping me participate in the draw ??
i just think trying for the draw is a good start to try getting tickets before i have to resort to bidding for them...

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