April 13th, 2009

  • nico26

Can! Jani Preview

I have the scanned Can!Jani Preview from TV Guide~

...I feel kinda left out cuz all the other posts are about PUZZLE lol
...and the scan is only one page. 

owell,, here it is:


Is it only me or does Kura look like he got a haircut??
The color seems lighter.....maybe not.
But he has to get one soon anyways xD
Keep Out

Minna, I have a question u////u

Hello minna! I have a question. If this isn't allowed, please, feel free to erase this post Dx.

I wanna buy the Puzzle Album LE, but the DVD region code (Region code 2 for Japan and part of Europe) is not compatible with my region (Region 4, I live in Argentina...). So, can I buy the DVD or not? I supose many american kanjani fans should have bought the DVD, so, I though here I could find an answer. In other words... if I buy the DVD: I would be able to see the DVD, or not? Q_Q

Sorry for my english and hope you can understand my question!

Thanks, a lot of thanks! n//////////////////n

See you later~<3!