April 16th, 2009

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request : translation, POTATO May 2009

Hello, excuse me, I have seen Ryo's article on Potato and I'm searching for a translation about it because he talks about France and Europe, and it's the second time I saw this (wink up january 2009, with NEWS), so I wanted to know more about it. If someone have translate it and could post it I will be very grateful !!
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Another bunch of screencaps..

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Myojo 1999.08 + Look at Star 2006.01.29

I'm grouping two of my posts cause as there's no Kanjani8 only, I figured it's better to not spam with other groups too much.

For people interested, I've scanned an old issue and there's no Kanjani8 formed yet BUT! You have some chibi Subaru, Yoko, Hina, Yasu, Maru and Ryo.

Take what you need.

Myojo here


the Look at Star issue contains Dream Boys : Kanjani8 vs Kat-Tun so I added a link to download the 2 groups together, sorry but Dream Boys should be sticked together <3

Again, take what you need and get rid of what you don't. (。◕‿-。)

Look at Star here

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