April 22nd, 2009

Request: Ariehen Eps

hm... I am missing some eps from ariehen and I couldn't find them here so...is there anyone who has the following shows?
#41 27.1.2009
#42 3.2.2009
#44 17.2.2009
#46 3.3.2009
#49 24.3.2009 (or 23.3. ?)
I would be so happy if anyone has them >//////<
thanks in advance <3
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2 CDs edition of PUZZLE on sale in HMV Heeren

hmm I'm not sure how many S'poreans fans are there in this community but I got off the phone from HMV Heeren & they told me that they have FINALLY brought in stock for the 2 CDs edition of PUZZLE :D (they cannot bring in the CD + DVD to be sold here due to the censorship board :( )

It's going for S$52.95 (yes it's pricey but what to do ? :( ) & they said to me over the phone that they only brought in 5 copies & yes it's 1st press in that the photobook's left intact .

Before I put down the phone , the staff over the phone said that a copy was sold off already so I guess at this point in time there're only 4 left .

I'm going to get mine tomorrow before it's too late so yup .
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Lyrics cause... yeah

The " Does anyone have _______ lyrics because I tried searching for them and couldn't find it " is getting kind of ... considering how many times lyrics have been posted by everyone in this community so I decided to go back in and make a big giant Puzzle lyric collection post thingy.

mods, we kind of need a tag just for lyrics and not only translations.

◎ - everything (english translation - or translation w/romaji and/or kanji)
◇ - romaji
● - kanji

Disc 1
Ichibyou Kiss
Akai Shinkirou
Kawaita Hana
Gori Gori  
It's My Soul (KJ3 Mix)
Rolling Coaster 
My Last Train 
Musekinin Hero 
Saite Ikiyou
Mega Majime Waga Fight
Jounetsu Party
Donna ni Hanaretetatte Soba ni iru kara

Disc 2
Words - Shibutani Subaru ◇/●
no no no - Ohkura Tadayoshi  
Airairo - Yasuda Shota  
One's shadow - Murakami Shingo 
Wanshan Ronpin - Maruyama Ryuhei
413mann - Yokoyama Yuu  
Half Down - Nishikido Ryo 

Disc 3 (DVD)
Glorious - Kura/Baru/Ryo Unit 
Kicyu - Yoko/Yasu Unit 
You Can See - Maru/Hina Unit 

There you go guys, lyrics.