May 2nd, 2009

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Kanjani8 in Hiroshima

Hi guys, just a lurker here. But my friend and I (currently living in Osaka) really want to go to the Hiroshima show of K8's upcoming tour. It'd be cool to go another time but we're on exchange and I personally am leaving in about a month. We have a fan club membership and balloted, but didn't get tickets. Now we are looking for tickets but they are expensive and we can't use yahoo auction because our account is "new" and most sellers wont accept that.

I was wondering if anyone knew a good way around that, or just knew anything that might help. She's staying on, and has an excess of Osaka tickets for the end of tour btw.

edit: we did end up getting tickets, went to Harajuku and paid a lot, but we have them, thanks for everyones help!
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Mini-translation: HinaKura on NEWS You+

Hallo everyone!! I'm desperately denying the fact that I have work to do and so ended up with this mini translation from the news clip so kindly uploaded by dozchan !! I didn't translate the whole clip, just the section where Hina and Tacchon were asked about the new album. Sorry that's just a written translation, I should learn how to encode videos...

Follow the link here!

(^_^) Hope you guys like it!!

Hope I've tagged this correctly too... I'm never sure..


Uta no oniisan mp3 rip

i've just finish watching Uta no oniisan, and i made a ringtone from the song's. Sorry if too late, hey i just wanna share it, wish everyone don't mind.
So here it goes...
Uta no oniisan ringtone :

1. Hakeyoi~Maru Chan (Mamoru).mp3
link :
2. pa pi pu pe pon~ohno.mp3 (89.8 KB)
link :
3. Yano kenta(ohno)~the toy's cha cha cha.mp3 (906.94 KB)
link :
4. Uta no oniisan~let's sing everybody.mp3 (1.01 MB)
link :
5. Uta no Onii-onee-san Kawaii Karasu (Cute crows).mp3 (4.54 MB)
link :
6. Uta no onii&oneesan~kuma-san.mp3 (264.49 KB)
link :

Bonus :
Cos i love Hiroki Uchi so much, so i make a ringtone from his latest song taken from CM,

HI! hi! Rocky~Uchi Hiroki.mp3 (977.59 KB)
link :

i rip those from video, video credit to : Stormy fansubs and yueilu@LJ
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Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Lj Layout for Flexible Squares

For those who liked this weird layout that I submitted to the layout contest, now you can have it for yourselves XD Thanks for those who voted -- It was real close so I feel proud that people really did like it.

( All details, code, and more tl;dr crap is right here )

Thanks and enjoy ♥
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Kanjani8's songs

Hai hai, I'm new here. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
I don't know if there's already someone have done it, but I've made a list of most of Kanjani8's songs (all of the songs in their albums and singles, and some bonus) with the download link (lyrics will be added later).
So, if you have interest, visit my livejournal to get the file.
Comment will be ♥.
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