June 18th, 2009

AkaKame - Make Love


Hello :)

Everyone doing good? I hope so ^^ I have come to ask for help from everyone, well more like a question lol I was wondering where this is from? As in DVD, event, magazine, or anywhere.

Here is the image here it is the default picture of cherry_kaede and was interested where the pic as from. Any clue? Thank you in advance~! :D
shuddershades {maru}
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Picspam and request!! :D

So I have a little request which comes together with a little picspam! ;D
Does someone want to write MaRyo (Maru/Ryo or Ryo/Maru) fics for me and Doci? We tried looking around but this pairing gets too little attention!! ;___;
I come with offers too: If you write me a longer fic you can request things I should scan for k8rgy  next! So please.. someone? m(;__;)m
(I still have Eito pamphlets I need to scan, but it can also be from other Johnny's bands or musical pamphlets - I can make a list of some of the things I have in exchange for a fic!! You can tell me "scan the next Meikan or Eito Manga before you can ANYTHING else!!" it's all up to you ;DD)

and now something to go along with this; a little Maru/Ryo picspam that I somehow didn't know I could create, but after sitting and looking through my picture folders yesterday and today I actually found quite a few pictures of this pairing!! :DD

(click on picture to go to picspam)
Shige monster

VA/DC/MD Meet up!

When: Saturday July 11th @ Noon (date/time can be put up for discussion)
Where: Tyson's Corner Mall (in the food court)
Who: JE fans in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area

details and Discussion thread can be found HERE at my journal~ hope to see some of you there.

x-posted everywhere, sorry~