August 24th, 2009


[H2K8's project]: [PUZZLE] karaoke clip with Engsub and Vietsub

My 2nd project. Since there is no PV for this song (which I think is a real pity), this is only a clip from SCP.
But it has full song so I guess it's ok to make a karaoke one.
There are 2 versions too: Engsub and Vietsub. 
If you have interest, please go here to get the download links.
Thanks for reading this and it's really really nice of you if you leave a comment there.
Takaki Yuya

Johnnys Final Survey [ Ryo ]

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We make a poll about all johnnys Young Groups, for the kanjani 8,
we have the winner ~ Ryo in the first place , and he going to the final,
Now the results are all groups of the JE, and we have 10 finalists.
[Around 1975 votes of Livejournal and Blogger People]
so please help us, and Please vote for their favorite of the 10 finalists.

[Vote here]
Ryo took a place in the final by kanjani 8,, not for News
p.d. I am sorry if something wrong with putting the survey here.