August 26th, 2009

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Title: Till the waiting's done
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo x Ohkura Tadayoshi
Genre: angst, romance, lime
Rating: PG-13 (a little NC-17ish at the end, but not much)
Summary: There are times in which Ryo doubts whether he'll be able to wait for Ohkura to realize what he has been denying.
Notes: One of the two fics I've written for my beloved nee-san's birthday. OMEDETO, ary666 ! This is the OhRyo fic you asked me to write a few months ago, with slutty Ohkura and pissed Ryo demanding his attention, based on the sentence "I'm not gonna stand here and wait for you." I think I did it well in the angst part, but I'm not quite satisfied with the way I wrote Ryo and Ohkura. I think the other fic I wrote is much better XD Anyway, I hope you like it! ♥♥
UN-BETAED. Lots of mistakes ahead.

“Don’t you ever feel lonely?” )

Title: Manipulation exists only to have fun
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo x Matsumoto Jun
Genre: comedy, smut
Rating: NC-17 (it was just funny at the beginning, until my mind started playing merrily with Ryo's hands)
Summary: Matsumoto Jun bumps into his kohai -who has only 500 yen in his wallet- in Shibuya and decides that today it's on him.
Notes: The second fic (the fairly good one) I've written for ary666  on her birthday. I love you, sis! I think you know what this is. You gave me the idea for the ending yourself XD So, this is BASED ON REAL EVENTS. Well, at least the main points of the story: this retells something Ryo spoke about in the message he recorded for Jun in his interview for Shonen Club Premium (2009.02.17). I was surprised not to find a fic about this earlier, so I decided to write it myself. Ah, and it is long. Quite long: 2944 words in a one-shot. So take your time to read it XD
UN-BETAED. Lots of mistakes ahead.

In Ryo’s opinion, he is the type who thinks any place is better when he’s in, and therefore he never feels out. )


Make Your DVD Player Region-Free

I realized a few days ago when a friend asked me where I bought my region free DVD player, that this is something not many people know about.  Many DVD players now days have the capability of being unlocked to become region-free. This means that you can play DVD from around the world on a DVD player you bought in the US. Yes, that includes your favorite Johnnies DVDs.

Find out how here!
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Hello Minna! :D

I was wondering if anyone knew where i can find this icon

I know its from a fancam of Zukkoke Otoko Michi, but I don't know exactly which one.

Also, anyone where this one is from and where I can find it?

both are from [info]neitaro's profile
both by [info]nyel_06