September 4th, 2009

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Yoko, Hina, Maru and Yasu to star in a late night mini drama

ジャニーズ事務所のタレントが1カ月ごとに主役を務める15分枠のフジテレビ系ミニドラマ「0号室の客」(金曜深夜 1・05)が、10月23日にスタートすることが3日、分かった。半年間の放送予定で、全体を通して関ジャニ∞の横山裕(28)がストーリーテラーとして 出演する。
  トップバッターは嵐の大野智(28)で、キャバクラ嬢と一緒に0号室に行くサラリーマンを4話分演じる。以降、順に関ジャニ∞の丸山隆平(25)&安田章 大(24)のコンビ▽NEWSの加藤成亮(22)▽関ジャニ∞の村上信五(27)▽NEWSの小山慶一郎(25)▽TOKIOの城島茂(38)-と、 3~5話ずつつないでいく。

It's going to span 6 months, and every month is going to be a different episode, starring one of the cast. The title is "Guests from room number 0". Yoko is going to be the storyteller and is going to appear in every episode.

I'm just too tired to translate the article but if some would be so helpful as to do so? :D

Nishikido Ryo, Yellow Ranger

Us... (Part two)

Ok, since the exam is over (and failed) I finally had the time to finish the next part of the fanfic. Yoroshiku!
Title: Us...
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo& Shibutani Subaru
Rating: Safe for now... The ending... not that safe anymore :D
Genre: Romance/ angst
Description: They both expected a perfect love, but what they got was a lot more than they could take:

“I have always felt the need to touch, to say a word, to see the other person's smile. I just

never could. I need you to reach me with your hand and to never let go of me, or I will once

again lose everything I have in this world. I'll lose you. And I could not bear anymore with

the same destructive pain and suffocating silence. I need your voice now, I have become addicted

to your touch. I need you to save me.