September 11th, 2009

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yasu's bday

YAY! one of my favessss, and i really wanted to do something for him :3
so i made a picspam.
i'm just in time, it's still the 11st in Japan, too! =D though it's just 16:32 here, lol.
so, welll... click on the picture if interested in a kinda huge Yasu picspam

i hope it was a really happy day for him<3

+ Debby [star]

[fanworks] a fic + some icons

Title : I Love You, Always Forever (one-shot / songfic)
Pairing : Yokoyama Yuu/Murakami Shingo/Maruyama Ryuhei (OT3 \o/)
Rating : PG-15. lightly bordering on the R.
Song : I love you always forever by Dona Lewis
Genre : Romance / fluff / humour.
NB : Dedicated to all the YokoHinaMaru lovers. Enjoy! Unbeta'ed, as if you cared.

( - Yoko has been woken up by his cellphone buzzing like a fly caught in a net, and there was a text message from Maru asking him if he wanted to go to the seaside with him and Hina. The older boy just had answered that he would like to, when the doorbell rang. As he opened the door, both his friends were in front of him, grinning. - )



章大 お誕生日おめでとうございます!

[ - Icons this way! - ]

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...holy crap, i want to squish him! ♥