September 13th, 2009

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[One-shot] Until the end of the world

Title: Until the end of the world
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo X Uchi Hiroki
Rating: PG,R (but not much)
Genre: AU, fantasy, romance, angst
Disclaimer: None of the JE members mentioned belongs to me. Awwww... D: Not written with religious connotations of any kind.

Ryo and Uchi are angels in a heaven where is forbidden to fall in love.

A/N: Ok, this requires an explanation. [info]riwethiel made icons some time ago and once again her fanwork became my inspiration. She wanted a fic and this story grew out of control in my mind. It's my first time writing fantasy but even so I hope I can bring some justice to her graphics. ♥ Finally, happy birthday to my dear prince Uchi Hiroki ♥

Warnings: huge (+ 7000 words); the images included in this post to illustrate the fic were made by [info]riwethiel. Do not use them for any other purposes.


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Title: Our Story
Pairings: Mainly YasudaxOhkura. Also: YokoxSubaru
Rating: pg-13 for now
Yasuda Shota works at a mental health and rehab clinic for young men. He meets and becomes enamored with a mysterious patient named Ohkura Tadayoshi. The line between psychologist and patient is blurred when they find themselves falling in love. After a tragedy, Yasuda looks back on his relationship with Ohkura and tries to figure out what went wrong.

Plus, Murakami is a doctor. Yokoyama is a bumbling police officer. Subaru is a sex-addict. Maruyama is crazy. Ryo is a drug addict and Uchi also makes and appearance at some point.


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doumo eighters!
now i'm here for requesting something if it's not problem >_<
I was looking around on IndexJEVideos, and found some subbed Recomen, and there was an ep. where they called Yasu and they talked about Watashi kagami. (...i think?) the date is 31.05.2007. The link for the video is here. And i was soo happy to find it with sub, but ANY of the links work, you know >_< not MF, not MU, not even the youtube links. So i was wondering if someone has it, could you please upload it for me? *.*
And also Subaru's one (21.06.2007) But i already saw this on youtube, but i would be happy if i could download this too.^^
Thank you in advance!!!