October 3rd, 2009

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searching for a pic~

helllo~ i'm requestin for something, again. ^^;
Soooo, i'd like to make posters, to put them on my room's wall, and also there's a picture i'd like to print. This one:
the banner belongs to kitsunemd
So i'm searching for a bigger version of this(:
Maybe does someone have it? Or do you know where is this from?
Thank you so much-

luther ; vices

急上昇 - new single! Out 11/04!

They announced it during the DVD events :) People who went weren't supposed to write about it in blogs etc. but it's all over Japanese blogs from where I read it. XD

Anyway, there's going to be footage of the DVD event plus Hitotsu no Uta Pv :)

Also, there's going to be a report of the event in tomorrow Zoom in and in Orisuta also :)

急上昇 means sudden rise (also steep climb) and apparently is an uptempo song :D

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Title: Our Story
Pairings: Mainly YasudaxOhkura. Also: YokoxSubaru, MaruxHina
Rating: pg-13 for now
Yasuda Shota works at a mental health and rehab clinic for young men. He meets and becomes enamored with a mysterious patient named Ohkura Tadayoshi. The line between psychologist and patient is blurred when they find themselves falling in love. After a tragedy, Yasuda looks back on his relationship with Ohkura and tries to figure out what went wrong.

Plus, Murakami is a doctor. Yokoyama is a bumbling police officer. Subaru is a sex-addict. Maruyama is crazy. Ryo is a drug addict with anger management issues and Uchi also makes an appearance at some point.

(Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five)

In chapter 5: The photo album thief is revealed; Yokoyama makes a brief appearance; Yasuda has a revelation.