October 7th, 2009

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Yasu message for the ROMES Preview Press Conference

Yesterday ROMES Press Conference was held but Okura and Yasu didnt attend for it due to the flu..
yasu left a message for the press..


お忙しい中 足を運んでくださった記者の皆様、そしてファンの皆様には




Translation from jesales4349:
"This is Yasuda Shota from Kanjani 8.

ROMES cast, staff, and people who came from their busy schedule sorry for making everyone worried and troubled, I'm very sorry.

My status right now, my temperature dropped, and my coughing and sneezing is calming down also.

I want to recover as soon as possible to be able to work with everyone, and to stand in front of everyone.

(This sentence is to the press that went to the press conference):
I think you guys saw the first episode of ROMES, and saw there's non-stop speed to the story,and as the story goes on there will be more cases, and it will be more thrilling.
The characters relationships will be explained more as the story goes on too!
Please look forward for ROMES! "

and now the condition of them...



Translation by kitsunemd
Currently, Yasuda has returned to his normal temperature. He’s restoring his energy for his return. We are glad that the flu symptoms were not very severe. Okura’s flu results came out negative, although he was having a fever of almost 38℃ as of yesterday afternoon. He is currently taking a rest. Having a fever is hard isn’t it….

credits: NHK Staff Blog

[PS.お大事に みんな~]
if anyone would like to give a proper translation for this, please do..
i'm not too sure how to translate this.. LOLx..

but in general, yasu is back to his normal temperature and preparing to get back to the filming soon.
though okura is tested negative for A-Influenza, but he's still having 38C fever yesterday afternoon..

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Kyuu☆Jou☆Show!! writing credits

I did a little research, and to anyone's interested, here are some info on what the songwriters have done in the past.

01 Kyuu☆Jou☆Show!!
Song & lyrics by TAKESHI
Writing credits for Kanjani8:
 - Jounetsu Party
 - fuka-fuka Love the Earth
 - All of me for you (lyrics)
 - Heavenly Psycho (lyrics)
 - Cool magic city (lyrics)

02 Brilliant Blue
Song, lyrics & arrangement by Hayama Hiroaki
Has written songs for Rina Chinen, Arisa Mizuki, SPEED, hiro (SPEED), Eriko Imai (SPEED)' w-inds., Ryuichi Kawamura (LUNA SEA), Nakanomori BAND, Namie Amuro (I WILL)!

03 cinematic
Song & lyrics by Mashiko Tatsuro
Writing credits for Kanjani8:
 - My Last Train
 - words
 - Sayonara wa Itsumo
Has also written for Hitoto Yo, Nakamori Akina, Kinki Kids (Harmony of December!), Hiromi Go.
Interesting fact: Hitoto Yo's songs, Morainaki and Hanamizuki both became really big hits!

04 Hitotsu no Uta
Song, lyrics & arrangement by Oonishi Shogo
Wrote 413man for Yoko and arranged for Rolling Coaster. He's pretty new to Kanjani8.