November 2nd, 2009

[tacchon] darekimi

Ohkura/Yasuda icons, Blue Ranger fanart

Yep...VERY rushed, VERY plain, but I wanted to do them the moment I saw the scans~ From Bidan and Fine Boys, credits for the scans to wiz323 and creamy_amande who posted them~

preview pics:

icons under this cut @ hyuuga_princess

and art under this cut

Poor Yassan ranger...My fingers are so numb tonight, it was a totally vain attempt >< Next is Hina~

[TRANSLATION] Honmani Kanjani 8+Gekkan SONGS, Hanako (Ryo's part)

To celebrate Ryo's b-day I decided to translate some stuff related to Ryo. I translated Gekkan SONGS and Hanako. And also finished translating Honmani Kanjani 8 episode 1 part 4 (main characters:Ryo and Ohkura).

Gekkan SONGS+Hanako translations:

Honmani Kanjani 8 epi1 pt4: