November 7th, 2009

Uchi cosplay

OK, ignore the wig (I haven't found one that really matches his hair yet) and the fact is not fake fur what I'm wearing (since the only shop I knew closed, it's hard to find fake fur with that color). The purple is no the same (here the purples I found weren't the same) and I had to sew it myself without a sewing machine XD I still have some chains to add... but considering the pictures I had aren't great to see how's exactly that jacket... whatever XD I only wanted to cosplay Uchi ~


Laforet at Harajuku

Make sure you'll see it for yourself if you're in Tokyo :) Have no idea how long they're going to display it. Though "Xmas" writing makes me hope that it'll be on for at least a month.


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upd: here's info about the illumination at Teichiku website:

It'll be on until Christmas, and no members are going to appear there in any kind of event.


daytime photos from pala4er