November 9th, 2009

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Single Gags - Who's Next?

Let's strike a convo, Eden~

Maybe some of you have already noticed this, but for those who have not: There's an "alter-ego" gag that's be running since Its My Soul, one of the boys assumes a "character" for the single.

So, let's have fun. The remaining three that haven't really became a "character" for a single has been Ryo, Ohkura, and Hina. What type of alter-ego would you like to see them as? Wild and crazy? Funny? Low-key? Or do you think they'll even do it?

Hina will do anything, self evident from the DVD, so he's pretty easy. Its the "cool" types of K8, Ohkura and Ryo, that I'm having a hard time imagining them doing something silly.

lol, just let your imaginations run wild and have fun :)
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Which is the date of the Honjani episode where they went to learn how to swim and Ohkura starts doing like a fish on the floor and then Subaru does it too? I saw a clip on a YouTube video. I watched that episode but that part wasn't in it. I also watched an 'unaired' scenes episode but it wasn't there either. O.o Could it be another 'swimming' episode that I haven't seen yet?

Thank you~~♥