November 23rd, 2009


Community Profile Design Contest Poll

And the entries are in! Please vote for your favorite profile to be used in the community! Voting will commence now and will go until WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH at 11:59pm PST. Thanks for all of the people who participated! Please click on the 'Live Preview' link for each entry to see how the profile designs will look on actual LJ profiles!

Since the text limit for polls got too long with the screencaps and live previews this time, we will include the screencaps and live previews in this post and you can vote in the poll below it.

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Poll #1489184 Eden Profile Design Contest 2009
This poll is closed.

Which profile design do you prefer?

Entry #1:
Entry #2:
Entry #3:
Entry #4:
Entry #5:
Entry #6:

Original rules in case you were interested to see if they line up with them.

We received a lot of entries this time so thanks so much for all of your hard work! Again, poll will close WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH AT 11:59PM PST.

Since comments are a part of the voting process this time comments will be screened in this post as well.

Aishiteru aishitenai - Ashita - You can see - Name of love (Translations)

French translations of some Eito's songs (In my lj)
I've tried some in english & spanish too. Since they're not my native languages please tell me if there are mistakes!

AISHITERU AISHITENAI (Kanji-Romaji, French, Spanish, English) + Youtube links & MP3:

ASHITA (Kanji-Romaji, French, English) + MP3

YOU CAN SEE (French, Kanji-Romaji)

I've not translated all the song yet, only Tacchon & Yasu's part from spirits concert (In french). It's pretty short but I this duet is really great I think. Tacchon's deep voice and Yassan's high one are just perfect together!

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Heat Up! Concert?

minna genki? ^^

i just wanna ask if any of the Eighters here know where to download Eito's [ Heat Up! ] con. and what year is that btw? (sorry im kinda new to Kanjani8)

thanks in advance!

thanks to all who replied! now i can finally watch some auhsome Eito concerts :D