December 11th, 2009

Tsuruoka -sama

Kanjani 8 in Shonen Club Premium and Music Station Super Live 2009

Here´s the translation of NHK´s Shonen Club Premium HP: (Eito part only)

...The guest for the premium live is Kanjani8.
To show their gratitude towards the fans, and to celebrate their 5th year since the debut, they´ll tenderly sing "Fuyukoi" and "Snow White" .
"Snow White" was composed by Nishikido Ryo and Yasuda Shota. It is the first time they´ve performed it, a perfect ballad for Christmas season.
They´ll also perform the song which was the most requested in 2009: "Brulee". I am sure the viewers will be fascinated with their hard vocals and their intense dancing presentation.
And, the session between Taichi and Kanjani8 will feature the song "Rolling Coaster". Please pay attention to the members enjoying the harmonized performance....

The program will be at 3 different times depending on which NHK Channel you have! Please pay attention!

Here´s Shonen Club Premium HP

OMG!! "Fuyukoi", "Snow White" "Brulee" and "Rolling Coaster in 1 program!!! Dance, Ballad and Band!!!!
i´m speechless!!!

Kanjani8 will also be at Music Staion Super Live 2009! in December 25th!

Music Station HP

What a wonderful Christmas for Eighters!
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