December 15th, 2009

  • natusko

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Hey everyone.

I'm currently looking for episodes of "0 Goushitsu no kyaku" (The Guests of Room 0) Story #2. I've heard that Maruyama and Shota are the main characters for that story so I want to watch it. I've looked around, but I've only seen episodes for Story #1 (w/ Ohno Satoshi from Arashi) and episodes for Story #3 (w/ Kato Shige from NEWS). So I was wondering if anyone has it or knows where I can go download it. I personally don't mind if it's in Raw format or Subbed. Thank you in advance!

Winter Clothing Pictures?

Hey everyone!

I live waaay up north, and we're starting to get super cold negative degree weather. Which made me think...

Does anyone have pictures of the Kanjani8 members wearing or modeling negative-degree-winter gear? I don't remember seeing any and think it would be adorable. :3
(Pictures of Yokoyama are especially appreciated... ♥)

Thank you for your time, and stay warm everybody!!