December 22nd, 2009


Why Kanjani8 concert never like that???

You can delete this post if it can't be posted here, I just want to talk about my own thought and feeling. I keep complaining about this to[info]kurakura_chan  since yesterday: Why Kanjani8 concert never as luxurious as another Johnny's group concert ? I want to say ' megah' in my own language, and I don't know what exact phrase to say that in English but I thing Luxurious can replace it. I just watch another Johnny's group concert, The one who just release their DVD concert, Their concert was extremely luxurious with moving stage and fireworks and flying people and super big screen. At the beginning I think every single Johnny's group concerts are always like that. But then I think again 'Hei, there's no Eito Concert as luxurious as that concert'. Right? There is no moving stage, no flying people, no fireworks, no super large screen at Eito concert. Why? Nande? Kenapa? Just to comfort my self, I though it's because Eito doesn't need that, they are luxurious enough without that all thing, But it's not working!!! It's not fair! it must be really beautiful if they get all of that! And it's really annoy me when I'm thinking about that Once again: Why???? Can anyone tell me more reasonable answer? Please...

Ok, I'll just close this post, It seems like this topic bring more angry people than a helpful answer, I think if the moderator allow this topic, it mean this topic is save, but not everyone think the same, I don't want people in this community hate me because I really love this community, I'll just post it in my own Livejournal