December 25th, 2009


Our Story - Chapter 17

Title: Our Story

Pairings: Mainly YasudaxOhkura. Also: YokoxSubaru, MaruxHina, RyoxUchi

Rating: nc-17

Summary: Yasuda Shota works at a mental health and rehab clinic for young men. He meets and becomes enamored with a mysterious patient named Ohkura Tadayoshi. The line between psychologist and patient is blurred when they find themselves falling in love. After a tragedy, Yasuda looks back on his relationship with Ohkura and tries to figure out what went wrong. Plus, Murakami is a doctor. Yokoyama is a bumbling police officer. Subaru is a sex-addict. Maruyama is crazy. Ryo is a drug addict with anger management issues and Uchi also makes an appearance at some point.

(Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | Chapter Twelve | Chapter Thirteen | Chapter Fourteen | Chapter Fifteen | Chapter Sixteen | Chapter Seventeen)

GIFT singles sales report...

SINGLES (week of 22/12~28/12/2009):

x->1->2->3 Kanjani8 (GIFT ~Shiro~) - 23,977 + 19,408 + 29,119 = 72,504
x->x->1->2 Kanjani8 (GIFT ~Aka~) - 26,686 + 38,712  = 65,398
x->x->x->1 Kanjani8 (GIFT ~Midori~) - 55,714

The singles are doing OK! I guess it's true than fans are waiting for Midori to pick up all 3 singles. :) It'll be interesting to see which of these will end up at the top!