December 27th, 2009

  • mykamui

some old videos of V west

I want to share some old videos of V west I got. These videos are from 2001 and 2002 so the quality's not very good.
Some vids are credited by
miniharus.lj , moonkaka.lj and  If you got the problem about the credit or link dl, please tell me :)

(oh for some reasons all the description files I uploaded dont have connection with the content, so please ignore it ^^ )

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Fanvid Puzzle Tour

Hello! Just wanted to share a video I made ^o^/
But this is only like the 5th one I've made, I'm still quiet new at making videos, so the quality it probably bad... Gomen na!
Anyways, I'd love to hear your opinons on what I could improve on!
Thanks and enjoy!!

EDIT: Youtube was being a butt so I had to delete the video and reupload it! Sorry guys! Here's the video again! ^o^/

Has anyone get the money form Kanjani 8 Countdown concert back yet?

Hi minnasan, I was just wondering since the concert will start day after tomorrow and I haven't get my money back yet. I booked for ticket and I didn't get it. Normally, they will send us a letter with the cheque to get our money back at the post office and it was quite late this time. So I just want to know if the other already get their money back or it just me? Should I start to worry and where should I call? - -"

Thank you everyone.
Text ► fuck this shit.
  • gekkouw

radio request

I was wondering if someone has recorded Yasu and Subaru's appearance on a radio program called Onitama? The date was 23th december 2009. Or maybe does someone know where can I get it? dash
Thank you in advance!!