December 28th, 2009

Kanjani8: Maru - Merry Xmas!

2009 in Review: A Look Back

Continuing the not so tradition from last year, here's a look back at fandom and K8's activities in 2009!

This may have been the year of the unrelenting "storm", but it also was a great year for Kanjani8. The most unlikely members had their chance to shine while others took a step back. One decided to throw on a bikini and roll around in a bed while another was an emotionally unstabled television director caught in the past. While one member baffled us all at how stupid his character was in one of this summer's dramas another reminded us that you can still be a kid at heart despite all the adult politics surrounding a children's show.

This is 2009, a year in review.

Warning: Sarcastic, dry, humor with occasional foul/dirty humor. Don't take it seriously, you'll kill the fun. Also image heavy.

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Did I forget anything big? Let's discuss it! Mock it! Have fun!!!!!!!!!
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Yoko Video, FAILS video in the works

Hello! Right now I'm in the process of collecting clips for my next FAILS video, and I thoght I share my Yoko/Yumehito video. Be warned, if you haven't seen the drama and don't want to know what happens, then don't watch this! SPOILER! :DD

But, ENJOY! (And hopefully I can have my next FAILS out soon! heart1)

As always, please comment if taking! Thank Youuu! heart1




Project #johnnyscountdown

Hi fandom!
I've noticed that there are a lot of Korean trending topics on Twitter right now,so I was thinking, why not do one for #johnnyscountdown ?

The countdown is airing at 11.45 pm in Japan, let's start tweeting at 10pm Japan time on the 31st of December!
You can convert Japan time to your time here :

Note :
# All tweets must be unlocked for them to count, so please make your tweets public or unprotected!
# Don't spam! You don't need to keep typing #johnnyscountdown in one tweet.
# If there's a trending topic we're trying to beat, do not put the topic in your tweet.
E.g #nowplaying is above #eggplant. However, don't type #nowplaying if not it will contribute to #nowplaying's tweets.

I know some other Johnnys groups are participating in Kohaku or their own concert during the countdown, but let's all work together to make #johnnyscountdown number 1!
I'm sure with the whole fandom participating we can get number 1 on the trending topics!
So please spread the word, and don't forget to tweet!

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