December 29th, 2009

1st week sales for GIFT singles...

EDIT (stupid LJ can't even edit properly!):

GIFT ~Shiro~ = 116,814
GIFT ~Aka~ = 114,402
GIFT ~Midori~ = 114,001

Thanks [info]murasaki_five  for the numbers!

Interestingly, if this is only 1 single with all the songs spread out in 3 versions a-la Yamapi's Loveless, GIFT would have sold around 345k already!

And also, it turns out that Eito week is the not the start of the combined 2 weeks rule usually applied by Oricon at this time of the year, so no going up against Ayu. Although, looking at GIFT numbers, our boys would have trumped Ayu's single to no.4 anyway LOL!

Added: Kyuu Jou Show!! (end of 2009) = 302,456 copies

Japanese Website to Support Uchi

I'm still waiting for permission to link this community into the website, but I wanted to announce I've officially opened the Japanese website I'm working on. I'm still working in some stuff such as the bio (which is mainly taken from Wikipedia) and the Data page, but I hope is worth of Uchi's fans' attention
Keep reading about the site

I edit this post with some concerns people have got about the website (Here) Explained
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Calling all SYDNEY fans~

I've decided that we all should have another fan meet up before the school holidays are over~
So please check this post over at my journal for more info! :D

I'd love to hear from all of the fans in Sydney so please let me know!

PS: I'm sorry if you've seen this so many times on other comms!
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news: Kanjani8's singles take 1st-3rd spots

[Oricon] Kanjani8's singles take 1st-3rd spots

Kanjani∞ first ever to monopolize #1-#3 on weekly charts! Yokoyama: "I'm extremely happy"
7-member group Kanjani∞'s unprecedented 3-day consecutive release of 3 singles, has achieved sales that led to them taking the top 3 spots in this week's charts, making it the first time ever that any artiste has achieved a Top-3 monopoly in the weekly singles or albums charts. With this, they have also broken the record of artistes who have had two of their singles/albums in the Top 2 in one week (8 artistes have achieved this feat for singles including Matsuda Seiko, Southern All Stars, L'Arc~en~Ciel etc.). Member Yokoyama Yuu commented, "To be the first to get the Top 3 spots for a 3-day consecutive release, I am extremely happy".

This 3-day release started with the release of 'Gift~Shiro~' on the 23rd (117,000 copies), then 'Gift~Aka~' on the 24th (114,000 copies) and 'Gift~Midori~' on the 25th (114,000 copies). Compared to the singles that were released on Wednesday the 23rd, 'Gift~Aka~' and 'Gift~Midori~' spent 1 and 2 days less on the charts respectively, yet still managed to set records at the end of the week, this is the result of the degree of their popularity.

Credit to:  xinkoe

Streaming: Zoom In