January 1st, 2010


some more desktops...

minna konnichiwa!~

yes yes i am back again, with more desktops made out of bordom. again like i said in my last post, im relatively new to this so thats why my work is soooo simple. aside from the fact that i dont really like adding all kinds of graphics over the pictures, i dont want things to distract me from what i really wanna look at haha.
again feel free if you want to add to it just send me the end product.
please comment if you take any, i would love to know who likes my things and ill keep making stuff if i get good responses. thank you to all of you who commented and took things on the last post i made, i really appreciate the positive imput!
arigatou gozaimasu! ^-^

this post is a little different, it only has two members featured in it. and they are...

now everyone will see the bias i have for these boys and can share in the love for them xD well more so for ryo, cuz theres more of him lol.

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Text ► fuck this shit.
  • gekkouw

looking for forums

Hello eighters~
I'd like to ask you guys about the Kanjani8 websites (forums, etc) that you usually visit - beside livejournal.
I ask this because I was wandering around he johhnys-net forum, (here for eg.) and found lots of recent scans and pictures that have never been posted to LJ - or at least I couldn't see them. So there might be other things that people don't post to LJ, but I can find them elsewhere.
And of course I don't say LJ is not awesome - it is, I just wanted to ask you about other sites as well.
And it doesn't matter if the site is not english - I can find scans (or videos or fancams or downloads, anything) without understanding the language :)
Thank you for your help in advance~
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All videos and pictures of Uchi Hiroki in 2009

Cause I always see Uchi as a member of Eito, so I post this entry here. If you dont agree, please ignore this post!

To celebrate a new year, I've made an entry about all the videos+ clips of Uchi in 2009 I got.
I divided all the files into 6 parts:
1/Countdown 2008-2009
2/Solo concert
4/Shounen club
5/Drama+ J sport
6/Scans mags

Visit here if you care...