January 7th, 2010


and again with the desktops.

here i am again to present to you more desktops. its everyone this time, with every possible pairing that i could think up and two threesomes.
like usual, feel free to add to them if you want just let me know how it turns out. comments are mucho mucho love, especially cuz these ones have been the most time consuming.
it got so aggrivating trying to see who would fit with who, having to cut them out and all that. but it was well worth it.
any pairing i missed that you want let me know and ill make it. the threesome [or more if requested] ones are tricky cuz of how some of them are positioned, but i can always make the pictures smaller to make it work. well, enjoy fellow eito lovers!

preview [of course, have to start with my fav pairing of all xD]:

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