January 8th, 2010

6tones - 大我 - 僕僕

Mystery Can Commander?

Okay, quick question. You know our beloved Can Commander in Can! Jani, right? This adorable little thing:

Supposedly nobody, not even the KanJani8 members know who dubbed him, right? Why do I have the feeling, purely from listening to his voice and the way he talks (and how I recently saw his son being a huge fan of Yoko which put him in KanJani8's orbit in my head) that the guy might be Kōmoto Jun'ichi from the comedy duo Jichō Kachō?

It's this guy:

(Some of you might've seen him in the dorama '14 no Haha', or in Koki and Nakamaru's Jr. Show 'YOU Tachi!', along with his aikata)

Can somebody tell me if I'm right or wrong on this? I just can't help the curiousity (I'm kinda really really love Jichō Kachō)

~かりん, trying not to get killed by curiosity~
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A little questions about Sho-chan and Yokoyama yu !

hello everyone...
I just wanna ask about Sakurai sho from Arashi and Yokoyama yu from Kanjani8...
are they close friends or something ? what kind of relationship they have ?
is there any pics for them together beside the pics related to their drama " TQS " ?
it's ok even if they were in there J.R days <3
if one of them mentioned the other in any interview please do tell me
I hope someone could help me, and thanks in advance!