January 9th, 2010

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meme or quiz

Hello eightershearts
I've found this quiz on my computer.computer
It's something like a meme. sparkles
There are some questions about you, and the only one rule you have to follow is that you have to answer with one of Kanjani8's song's title.melody Of course you can use solos, too.
If this meme is familiar to anyone of you, yes a long ago I posted this to the NEWS comm as well.kidding
I think it was pretty fun to answer and read other's answers too. arrowup
Hope you'll like it, toowavearrowup

These are not rules, but I think it's more fun, if you
~ use a title just once while answering the questions,
~ answer a question with only one title.

And of course it isn't a tragedy if the answers aren't really true. Just be creative ;)

Okay, here are the questions, and my answers - if someone needs an example.thumbsup
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Eito question: who wants to win?

Who among the Eito - other than Ryo! - would you say hates to lose the most, or gets most serious about winning the games they have to play for TV shows and such occasions? I just realized that I'm really not sure...

I apologize for the odd question! My Eito knowledge is still sadly lacking. Must watch more! :-)