January 11th, 2010



Quick Question.

Did Subaru get Skull-chan (that pretty tattoo on the back of his right hand) lasered off? And if so, when did that happen? Because I've been revisiting scans of the 47 Con Photobook and Skull-chan is nowhere to be seen. It's also gone from the photo below, which was taken during the Glorious PV filming. I was curious if they make-up san were just hiding it under the foundation or if Shibuyan ever got rid of it. Thanks, yo.

eito 24 hours

yokoyama kiss??

Fandom, sorry to bother you again ^_^U

i've been in fandom for morelesss a year, being a yoko fan, but i think there might be a lot of things I dont know yet, for example this

i thought yoko's first kiss in a drama was the one in TQS2, and i found this!!!
from which drama it is? which year?the name of the actress to kill her xD
or i is not him?

someone tell me!!

rua di bui

Last campaign: Bring Uchi back to Kanjani8

I think you all know the news.
But as the LAST effort of bringing him back, we set up this campaign. After this, whatever result, we will accept this decision of Johnny-san then continue supporting both Eito and Uchi.

If u want him back to Eito, if u r interested in, please help us a hand. If u don't want to, please be polite then ignore this entry.

Bring Uchi back to Kanjani8

u can find all informations here.