January 12th, 2010


Rolling Coaster and Ichibyou Kiss Acoustic Version

 After long hiatus, half member of hachi_n_theband is back doing acoustic cover, with sudden additional members XD
First, we did some experiment with Ichibyou Kiss by adding little bit traditional tune in the bridge. Sorry for all mistakes. Like we said, this is some kind of experimental work.

Second, we did cover for Rolling Coaster. It's not as good as Kanjani8 SCP version, but we did our best for this version.

( Rolling Coaster Acoustic Version )

Thank you for watching our videos ^^
ryo laugh

Heavenly Psycho Cover

My second post here. Yay! *gets bricked* Haha. Anyways, I'm kind of embarrassed posting this video up...but I thought I should share it with all you Eighters here. I had some free time about a month ago and did a cover of the beautiful song "Heavenly Psycho". I think I did an alright job considering my microphone doesn't like recording me playing my guitar. Hope you guys enjoy it.

P.s: Don't mind my babbling in the beginning...it's just a way for me to release my nervous-ness ^^