January 13th, 2010

Ryo ; Heart

Any Qatari Fans?

Well, I've been trying to find some Eito fans from Qatar, and maybe have a get together?!
Cause, I'm in need of real life people to spazz with XD
(Especially now, that Uchi is officially not coming back) *cries*

You don't need to be qatari, you can be from any nationality~!
You have to love eito.
You need to speak english?! XD

I MAY not even find any, but it's worth the try desho?!

(P.S; Mods, if this entry isn't acceptable, please delete it)

I'll make a post about this in my Journal, and/or you can comment here if you are a fan from Qatar. ^^

& The get together won't be SOON, since I have school, but I'll plan it on the way XD

(If your scared, that I'm a weirdo or anything blabla, It'll be in an open/safe place)

I don't have any (in person) eito fans, exept my awsome cousin <3 But I'd like to make more~!

So, if you are please don't be shy. Yoroshku!

Please comment your.
3)Fav.Eito Member
4)Why you like eito.

Arigato Gozaimaaaaaaaaaaaaas~! <3