January 22nd, 2010


Someone could help me?


A few days ago I saw in the Wink Up Scans from an article by Subaru, but I found a short text about an email or something, but the truth is that no Japanese.

It was that if someone can help me translate the small box I would appreciate that. ↓

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[je] fic: mugendai (eito, ryo/shige, ohmiya, au)

Title: Mugendai
Summary: Days in the lives of students at Japan's secret magical educational institution. Inspired by Lev Grossman's 'The Magicians'. Location and landmark references from http://kankou.rishiri.jp/eng/. WC: 6589.
Warnings: Made-up technical jargon? Shameless references?
Notes: Very likely my final je fic - written for je_holiday.  a million thanks to jent_fanfics 
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413man translation

Hi this is my first post here!

Has been looking for translations for Yoko's 413man apparently there's no English translation around (i think?). So i found a Chinese translation of it here and translated that to English. This is also my first translation of all time! (^^)v Yoroshiku. :)

It's really nice and sweet of Yoko to talk about (or rather, to) his grandpa like this. It's so nice and so touching, I teared a bit while listening to it after understanding the lyrics.

Here goes. :)

Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed it! Any comments or suggestions or criticisms welcome! ^^

* well honestly I don't really get what the chorus was talking about, can someone enlighten me about it..? m(_ _)m