January 30th, 2010


Looking for Translator???

I don't know if I can ask it here or not, just delete it if it's not suppose to be here

I just want to ask if anybody in this community want to be my translator
I'm planning to make sub for many Kanjani8 TV show but my Japanese is not really good, worst than my english

So if anyone know Japanese well enough and have free time, please help me 

Hinakura fic

Hello! First time posting here! Yoroshikune!

I know it´s a little late, but this is something I wrote for Hina´s birthday. I hope you like it!

Characters: Kanjani8
Pairing: Hinakura, implied Ryokura and Yokohina
Genre: Fluf
Rating: G
Summary:  It´s Hina´s birthday and Okura wants to give him something.
Disclaimer: I don´t own JE , it would be a headache if I did!
Note:  My first fic! Please be gentle! It´s very very simple and short.


Comments would be appreciated.