March 1st, 2010

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Hey guys~

So something really cool and fandom-related happened to me and I wanted to share.

My picture was selected by Subaru for his monthly column in Wink-Up and it got printed in the March issue.

I wrote a post about it at my lj here if you guys are curious.

Anyway, I'm just really excited and wanted to share my excitement with fellow fans. Hope that's ok!!

Love ya eighters~ ♥

Peace peace :)
[tacchon] darekimi

Ohkura fanart

The second one of those that were left in WIP form. There was a huuuuge fight in my family today and this was the only one I could scan and put up before I left.

I hope you guys like~ There are some shadows on different levels than in the picture, but it happens when your hands get all dirty by the graphite^^;
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