March 7th, 2010


Yuki wo Kudasai - Acoustic Version

Another acoustic girlish version of Eito's Yuki wo Kudasai Kanpani SP version.
We are very sorry that there're only three of us this time with less music arrangement.
We're working on the chord, in case some of you need it.

So please enjoy, Yuki wo Kudasai Acoustic Version.

We really would like hear what you think about this. Or perhaps some input what eito song should we do next?


Good news everyone, I bring you two Ohyass porn fics

Title: Am I Pretty? 

Pairing: Ohkura/Yasu

Summary: Sho-chan just wants to be pretty. Ohkura is happy to let him.

Rating: R-ish

Kink: Cross dressing

The whole outfit was reminiscent of a school girl’s uniform, but it had something of a more mature feel to it.I am a hopeless pervert.

Title: BJ

Pairing: Ohkura/Yasu

Summary: Yasu loves giving blowjobs. Ohkura loves receiving them

Rating: NC-17 for ~sexy times~

Kink: Oral, some light S&M and Yasu cutely talking dirty counts y/y?

If I didn’t know that he was naturally good at everything, I would have thought that Yasu was born to give head.

Text ► fuck this shit.

139 icons ♥

I decided to make something as a celebration of my 100th post on my personal LJ....Actually I wanted to make 100 icons, but somehow it became more :3 I'd like to share them with you guys. Hope you'll like them.

calendar: 104 icons  heart1   let's shop:  31 icons  heart1  + 4 icons
in total: 139 icons
Spoiler ahead, so if you don't wanna see more pics of the calendar, don't click! ^^
cherryblossom Don't forget to credit.
cherryblossom I really really love comments and since it's my 100th post give me lots of them prz.

( raise your hand baby, i'm not that far ) <- fake cut

heart1heart1 And oh, I have a question. Maybe does someone know where's this short clip from? ^^