March 10th, 2010

eito 24 hours

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Hi minna-san sorry to trouble you again  ^_^"
i have a little request, i'm searching for a pic
before the jackets of the gift single were screened,
there was a little picture of a ranger saying "picture not avaliable" in the pages were you can preorder, i remeber someone posting it, what i want is that picture!!

it was kind of a ranger bowing, i've searcher throught past entries and havent found it, please can someone show were it is.

*bows really low*
thanks for everything

PD. Sorry for bad english
ryo laugh

Hitotsu no Uta Cover

 Hey there fellow Eighters~

I'm back with another cover. Whoot. So much free time -_____-" Hahaha. This time I've covered "ひとつのうた" (Hitotsu no Uta) with my guitar!! I was going to use the instrumental version of the song as back up music...but I then discovered the chords to the song while mucking around with my guitar the other day XD I pray to god they're the right chords...haha!

Hope you guys enjoy it ^^

Oh, and don't mind the 1 minute babbling in the beginning. I do that a lot XD