March 13th, 2010


[translations] 0912~1004 bits + Recomen 2009 complete listing

It's been... a while, some bits and pieces of translation - dengonban, offshots, mini crosstalks, etc ^^

Wink up's  Dengonban (message boards) with various members: 0912, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004
Potato's Eito no Anone: 0912 (Yamada), 1001 (Ryo x Baru), 1002 (Ariehen trio), 1003 (Hina x Baru)
Hina's Kanjani Sentai ∞Ranger: 100107, 100114, 100121, 100128, 100211, 100218, 100225
Offshots: 0912 Duet, 1001 Duet, 1003 WU
Other: 1003 Duet - Mail Shower (Ryo), 1003 Best Stage - Hina 1003 WU - Yamapi (mentions of Ryo and Yamada)

Also! A complete list with guests, links to audio sources, and links to notes 8D
Kanjani∞ Yokoyama Yuu and Murakami Shingo's Recomen - 2009
[tacchon] darekimi

[Fic] Oneshot - Brilliant Blue

Wow...first fanfic post^^; I'm feeling nervous~!

So..this was originally written for xmellorinex's birthday, as a present~ But I thought, since I wrote it, why not share?


Title: Brilliant Blue
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Characters: Yasuda Shota x Shibutani Subaru
Fandom: Kanjani8
Rating: K+
Summary: A walk at the dock and the drive back home. A life-changing decision, suggested to be taken by Subaru.

...he took some pictures of the sea, the port; his favorite views of the day...

Goran no tori, it's on my fic journal~ Minna please leave a comment if you drop by to read onegaishimasu~

Ijou. Going to bed now. Staying up further after 2:30am won't do me any good for sure XD